Fried Liver with Onions

Fried liver with onions-like a simple recipe for a well-known, but there are a few small secrets! I want to share with you this simple secret and vegan fried liver with onions will be soft and fragrant!

Supporting motto Site- Ahtasty — I want to say that the recipe is really simple and familiar, so I will not weary you in the dark and in every way to lure, but I will say at once that the main secret of the soft liver that salt it should be already taking off ognya.Vot all! Quick and easy!

Fried liver with onions

For those who know how to fry the liver, I hope my secret soft liver fried with onions will help you to prepare a tasty and soft liver and I do not want to take your time to read this recipe and can offer you a recipe for liver fritters

I knew that the meat and the liver is necessary to add salt to the end … and salted liver at the end when she is roasted and receive liver tasty, but tough.

 Fried liver with onions Recipe


  • liver (I usually buy beef or veal) — a piece of about 1 kg
  • onions — 1-2 big head (can be 1 large or 2 medium onions, I love a lot, so take the maximum)
  • flour — to roll the liver (it is one still sekretik)
  • salt and pepper — to taste
  • refined vegetable oil (that is odorless) — for frying

How to make this recipe

a piece of my liver, were dried on paper towel, remove the film and fat inclusions
cut the liver into pieces, it can be large pieces as chops or smaller collapses every piece in the flour (I wrote above is another sekretik) pechenochku spread on a preheated pan and fry on both sides over medium ogne.Pechen fried fast and frying will take about 7-10 minutes.
until the liver is fried, we clean the onion and cut it into half rings or large chunks
when the liver is ready, put it in a separate bowl and in a bowl with salt and pepper to taste, mix
from the pan, where the liver frying, fried liver to remove small pieces and put in there chopped onion, put the onion until almost cooked.
add to the onions ready-made liver (salt and pepper to taste), stir, cover and simmer for 7-10 minutes on medium heat.
Very good fried liver with onions combined with mashed potatoes.

You can at the end of cooking, when the mix onions and the liver, pour it all in cream sauce or natural yogurt and also under the cover left to languish on 7-10 minut. See also: Liver in  Cream Sauce

Bon Appetit!

Fried liver with onions — Video Recipe

Fried Liver with Onions

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