Israeli Shakshuka Recipe

To say about shakshuka that it is scrambled eggs with tomatoes is like saying: sushi is rice balls with fish. On the other hand, the basis of the dish really consists of tomatoes and eggs. But shakshuka in Israel, it’s something more. A kind of national pride. Shakshuka came to us from North Africa, where she was also called, chakchuka or tuktuka. Shakshuka can become a full breakfast or even lunch. You can cook it for dinner, but if in one of the places of the Israeli catering you ask to give you a shakshuka for dinner, you will see a surprise on the face of the waiter or the owner of the establishment.

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There are many different options for preparing shakshuki. Shakshuka can be with a more liquid sauce or thicker, sharp or not, with solid yolks or as a fried egg. Everyone prepares it for their own taste and in accordance with the availability of those or other products in the refrigerator. I, for example, cook it without onions and like to add oregano.
We will do with you a basic version of shakshuka and consider the options for additives.

Shakshuka recipe

For the basic variant (counting on 2 people, so that they are full):
10-12 medium or 6-7 large tomatoes. You can use overripe tomatoes or soft, which are no longer suitable for salad
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 spicy pepper (Pila Tare, Harif — in Hebrew). A quarter is spicy, half is sharp. It can be replaced with a spicy paprika (in Hebrew: paprika harif) or other spicy seasoning.
Paprika is sweet (in Hebrew: paprika metuka) (if not — not scary)
Eggs — who loves how much, according to the number of eaters (usually 2 eggs per person)
Olive oil (you can use other vegetable oil)
Frying pan, not very large.

How to make Israeli shakshuka

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  1. The basis of shakshuka is a tomato sauce, into which, in the further, we drive in eggs. We wash the tomatoes and remove the stems. Cut the tomatoes into small cubes.
  2. Garlic cut slices. You can grind it. Cut the hot pepper. In the heated frying pan add olive oil. Spread the garlic and pepper.Fry for no more than 10 seconds, without allowing it to blush (overcooked garlic can spoil the taste of any dish) .
  3. Spread the sliced tomatoes. Stew, stirring, until the tomatoes are not very soft and almost lose shape. If necessary, you can add water. This method is also the basis for the preparation of any sauce from a tomato. It is important to put out the well tomatoes and then to give the sauce the necessary consistency, adding oil and water.
  4. Now the seasoning season. Paprika, salt. If you cook without fresh hot pepper, then add a spicy paprika to taste.
  5. As a result, a thick sauce with very soft pieces of tomatoes, almost lost shape, should be obtained. At this stage, it should be a little bit denser, because we will still add eggs and we will still cook it, so that some of the liquid will evaporate.
  6. Eggs, I would advise you, drive one into a separate bowl, and then pour into the sauce. Thus, you can always, without special consequences, see a spoiled egg before it falls into a common pot and ruins the whole dish. And the shell is easier to catch from the bowl than from the sauce. Try to keep the yolk whole.
  7. After we have hammered all the eggs, we continue until the eggs are ready in your favorite form. Those of you who like a hard yolk, can cover the frying pan with a lid.
  8. You can bring white bread or a halo to a shakshuk. We serve either directly in a frying pan or lay out on plates. You can sprinkle with cilantro or parsley.

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Variants of  Israeli shakshuka

The options, as I said before, are many. Let’s dwell on the main. First, you can fry half a bulb and then add the garlic and pepper. Secondly, before garlic you can add one sweet pepper. Peeled and sliced ​​large. A little fry, and then add the garlic, I then tomatoes.

You can make shakshuku with other different additives: mushrooms, ham, various cheeses, grilled vegetables and so on. Add and fry them on the stage before the garlic and tomatoes.
At the seasoning stage, you can add basil, oregano or a theater (in Hebrew both words sound exactly the same). The plant of the theater is a Mediterranean version of oregano, from which the same seasoning is made here.

Bon Appetit!

Israeli Shakshuka Recipe

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