Lobio Georgian

Lobio — is the name of a dish of red beans, mashed tasty and generously seasoned with spices. The restaurants all over the world is the name of a dish of beans, mainly red, although you can cook any of beans
Translated from the Georgian «lobio» — it’s just «beans» (note that special kind of bean, with soft, delicate shell). Before you — the main, basic and delicious recipe lobio with spices, crushed in a mortar. It is clear that variants of the preparation of corporate Georgian lobio as much as the regions in Georgia.

What you need to know about cooking recipe —  Lobio Georgian

How to deal with beans. If the old bean, necessarily soak in the evening, or at least 3-4 hours. Drain, add new cold water and put on fire. If the beans fresh, seasonal, none of this is not necessary. Just fill with water and boil.

Beans preparing 2.5-4 hours, depending on the type and age. Once the water boils, drain all liquid and pour the same amount of boiling water from the kettle (this «diet» advice — intestines will be easier).

The ratio of beans and water — 1 to 4. Fire after boiling water — slow. From time to time it is necessary to interfere with the beans, as it can be burnt. In addition, should stand beside the teapot with boiling water to pour water if it evaporates more than necessary. What consistency lobio correct? Mushy.

On the condition of beans: you can consider them ready, if most of the bean peels exploded. Wooden spoon or knead tolkushkoy beans, but without turning them into a puree. We are preparing the bean is not a cream, and lobio — it should be «pinned», but larger. After that, put the beans for some time (about 15 minutes) on the fire.

About condiments. Recipe preparation lobio are the main seasonings. However, it should be noted that their number must be controlled, especially people who are not accustomed to rich or spicy tastes.

Savory (in Georgian «Kondara») is not added in all regions of Georgia, but with regard to utsho-suneli — it is a mandatory ingredient in almost all prescriptions lobio. Utsho suneli is none other than the blue fenugreek, — the grass is actively used in the Mediterranean and Caucasian cuisine, and, unfortunately, poorly known in our country. You can buy in the market from traders spices (now dry).

Vinegar Recipe lobio not necessarily use balsamic, red wine can be. Required only for it to be natural.

How to apply lobio beans. Lobio served as a hot — then it will be a main dish, or cold, as an appetizer. If you cook a very sharp lobio or lobio with walnuts, it can be served as a sauce dip, dipping to pieces of bread or thick corn porridge. «Bread» — a pita bread or fresh corn tortilla (mchadi).

Lobio Georgian- photo

Ingredients for lobio Georgian:

  • Red Beans — 1 cup
  • Onion — 300g
  • Garlic  2 cloves
  • Walnuts (peeled) 50 g
  • Tomato paste — 1 tablespoon
  • 1/2 bunch cilantro, finely chopped
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt, spices (hops-suneli, black pepper, red pepper )


Lobio Georgian -Recipe

Pre-dry red beans soak in water for 6-8 hours. After her rinse, cover with cold water and cook on a slow fire. The beans should be soft. Lobio is a dish with a slightly mushy texture, so I recommend not to drain all of the liquid in which the cooked beans. Leave it for about 2/3 Cup. Now the finished beans should be slightly mashed together with liquid.

Slice onions and fry in vegetable oil until Golden brown.

Add to the onions passed through the press garlic and also lightly fry.

Next into the pan with the fried onions put the previously mashed beans and mix everything carefully.

Add to the beans with the onion tomato paste. Instead of tomato paste you can use adjika,
and in the summer fresh tomatoes.
Tomatoes that are on the shelves of our supermarkets in this dish will not fit!
They do not have a rich tomato flavor than their brothers from the garden,
and the color from the tomatoes is questionable. Salt, add spices
Shelled walnuts should be ground. This can be done in blender,
but you can as I pour the nuts in a bag and knock on it a hammer for pounding meat.
Once the nuts are crushed, add them to the beans.
In conclusion, in almost ready lobio to add a delicate flavour and aroma, add the cilantro and mix everything carefully.
 Lobio  Georgian (GEORGIAN BEAN DISH ) ready. The dish can be served to the table !


Lobio Georgian

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