How to cook delicious cutlets

cooking tips tasty cutles -photoDelicious, juicy, crispy. That such should be the perfect cutlets. But as they cook well? The secret to cooking tasty cutlets — is disclosed in the article further.

How to cook delicious cutlets

Choice of meat


Pawn tasty cutlets — a high-quality and fresh meat. It is best to cook the cutlets to choose a good back of the veal or pork.


Cook ground beef should always be yourself. Do not trust prepared minced meat, because they can be a part of anything. But most meat — at least.


Secret Ingredients


Experienced hostess is always added to the patties bread. It is necessary. It is necessary that the juice that will stand out from the meat when cooking, remained in cutlets, soak in the loaf.

But the egg, on the contrary, cooks do not like to add. That’s because it makes mincemeat for cutlets more solid and dense.

It is important not to forget about the bow. You can also add a few slices of garlic. Luke, by the way, it is best to twist in a meat grinder, along with meat.

If you chose a fairly lean meat, it is worth adding a little fat in burgers. This will help make them more juicy.

As for spices, it is everyone’s business. In the classic recipe in burgers permitted only add black pepper.


Secrets of cooking cutlets

Experienced cooks prefer meat twist in a meat grinder, and finely cut with a knife. Then the meat fibers will not choke circles, knives and retain more juice.


It is also important to correctly Mix stuffing. This should be done with great care and diligence. Only in this case will be evenly roasted meatballs and tasty at all locations.In addition, ground beef patties on the need to also discourage.

How to cook delicious cutlets - cooking tips

Make it simple: type in the palm of beef, raise your hands and forcefully throw the meat back into the bowl. So 10-20.


How to cook delicious cutlets

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