Cooking Frech Fish

tips for cooking fish - photo

Cooking fresh fish

Cutting fish.

As mentioned on the previous page, portions of fish cut

species except shallow, and the heat treatment which is directed and as a whole.

Fine-mesh fish, to cut fillets and PA layers intended for cooking,

cut with the skin and the vertebral bone (or bones skin and rib) in

transverse direction from the head; while holding the knife at right

angle to the fish.

To when cooking fish is not deformed, the skin pa each piece is cut in

two — three places.

In split on fine-mesh fish fillets, intended for cooking and transmission

cut diagonally, with the atom holding the knife at an angle of 30 °, trying to make pieces


For cooking and frying portions can be cut from the fish neplastovannoy (kruglyashi).

Sturgeon fish, except starlet, after the removal of cartilage and skin is cut,

starting from the tail, and in wide pieces.

For saltworts osetrovuyu fish cut into pieces weighing 20 — ’30

In the first popolzuyutsya tail portion, the remainder of the cut

fish a la carte thin pieces.

After cutting pieces of sturgeon scalded as described on the previous page,

and wash with cold water.

Major sturgeon cut into portions after removal of scutes and flattening

fish or treated her «ring» or entirely prepared for the heat treatment.

Cutlet weight.

For cutlet weight you can use either fresh or well soaked

salted fish, not containing small bones

The most suitable for this purpose, the fish are cod, perch, haddock, catfish,

pike, sea bass and eel, catfish colorful, fresh chum.

Fish for cutlet mass, to cut into fillets without skin and bones, cut

into pieces and passed through a meat grinder.

In the resulting mass lay soaked in milk or cold water stale

white bread (no crusts), salt, pepper, all mixed well in the second


The cutlet mass of lean fish, you can add bacon — raw fat

or butter (50 — 100 g per 1 kg pulp).

When using raw lard and fat from fish viscera it together

fish mince; The pre-softened butter

and then mixed with the finished cutlet mass.

If cutlet mass of lean fish no added fat to increase the

looseness is recommended adding chilled steamed fish, minced.

For homogenous cutlet mass thoroughly mixed.

From cutlet weight prepared burgers, meat balls, meatballs, zrazy and rolls.

Not 1 kg fish fillets take 250 grams of wheat bread made from flour not less than 1 — the first grade,

350 — 400 g of water or milk. 20 g of salt, 1 g of pepper.

Knelnaya weight.

Fish fillets without skin, cut into pieces and soaked in milk, wheat

stale bread (crusts trimmed with a pre-) miss three to four

twice through a meat grinder.

The ground mass is mixed with raw egg whites and whisk well

manually or by machine, slowly pouring milk IPT cream.

The more packed a lot, so it becomes more elaborate.

Sol are placed at the end of whipping.

Knelnuyu mass is used for the preparation of the second hot dishes and side dishes

fish dishes.

1 kg of fish fillets take 100 grams of wheat bread, 500 grams of milk or cream,

20 g salt, 110 g of egg whites.

cooking fish- photo

  • Waste obtained by cutting the fish are sorted on food and non.
  • To fish offal are caviar, milk, fat, head, bones, skin,
  • fins and scales.
  • Head, bone, skin and fins after thorough washing is used for cooking
  • broths. From the head of the fish is usually removed gills.
  • Head of sturgeon in addition to the parka scalded and cleaned from small
  • bony scales and surface rust film.
  • Then their chop, washed in cold water.
  • Cook heads sturgeon for 1 to 2 hours.
  • Welded sturgeon head is removed from the broth and separating the meat from the bones and cartilage.
  • The selected meat used for the preparation of fish soups, jelly or fish
  • stuffing for pies.
  • Cartilage is filled with water and further boiled until soft.
  • Cartilage is used as a garnish for fish in the brine to fish in Russian and cold fish
  • in the marinade and put fish in a liquid hodgepodge in bisque and fish
  • hodgepodge of cabbage in a pan.
  • The eggs used for preparation of pies, mincemeat, baked and backstay
  • at clarification fish broth.
  • Scales used for the preparation of jelly fish.
  • Vizigu after rinsing in cold water and boiled until soft are used as minced
  • for pies.
  • Fat is harvested from fresh fish gutted, washed and put in fish
  • cutlet mass.
  • Heat treatment
  • Frying fish.
  • Suitable for cooking all species of fish, however, bream, carp, carp, crucian carp, saffron cod,
  • roach, smelt delicious fried or baked form.
  • The fish is cooked portions, and fully functioning.
  • Portions soar any fish except sturgeon; links or major
  • piece (5 kg) — only sturgeon fish; cook entirely large fish — for
  • preparation of various banquet dishes.
  • Cook the fish in the fish pots, a skillet or deep baking.
  • During cooking, the fish should be completely immersed in the liquid; average
  • requires 150 — 200 g of water on a piece of fish weighing 100 — 150 g
  • Keep in mind that when excess water boiled fish quality deteriorates.
  • The fish can not cook at a rolling boil; at the beginning of boiling with fish dishes
  • relegated to the park slab IPT reduces the heating in such a way that the liquid
  • not boiling, and are all within easy driving characteristic of the beginning of the boil.
  • Time parks piece fish weighing 150 — 200 on average 12 -15 minutes.
  • Portion pieces of fish and small fish (whole) put in a bowl in a row,
  • skin side up, pour hot water, salt is added carrots (5 g), parsley
  • or celery (5 g), onion {5 g), black pepper
  • 0.01 g of peas and bay leaves 0.01 g per serving and cooked as described above.
  • Big fish (walleye, salmon, whitefish, and others.) For cooking in general a mortgage
  • in cold water together with the above vegetables and spices that during
  • flavored cooking time to fish.
  • The fish, which has a strong distinctive taste and smell, especially the sea (cod,
  • flounder, halibut, mackerel), cooked in a spicy broth, vegetables and spices to fully
  • flavored fish.
  • To do this, the water lay the first vegetables and spices and cook them at low boil for 5 -7 minutes, then immerse the fish and cook at very low boil another 12 -15 minutes.
  • In the same spicy broth can be paired several batches of fish.
  • The broth (broth), obtained by cooking the fish is used to prepare the fish
  • various sauces. Keep the broth both fresh and after cooking it is possible to fish
  • not more than 8 hours.
  • In the manufacture of spicy broth into water (1 L) was put salt (15g) and scented
  • bitter pepper (0.1 g), bay leaf (1 pc.), carrots (15 g)
  • onion (15g), parsley or celery (10 g) little thyme or savory.
  • Most often spicy broth cucumber brine were added in an amount of 0.2 to 1 liter
  • 1 liter of water or the skin of pickles — all this contributes to
  • that weakens a specific taste, I smell of fish.
  • Sometimes the fish is cooked with vinegar. This is done in order to ease
  • particular unpleasant taste and smell of certain fish and to
  • save IPT make meat fish corresponding color.
  • In those cases where live fish was killed immediately before heat
  • treatment, it is boiled in salted water without the addition of vegetables and spices,
  • as the fresh, freshly killed fish boiled has an excellent flavor and aroma.
  • Sturgeon, sturgeon, beluga, sturgeon have a wonderful taste and aroma, which
  • there is no need to weaken or mute (beat) by
  • add roots, onions and flavoring products.
  • Therefore, roots and onions are added to the sturgeon fish only in small quantities,
  • so that they are not drowned pleasant taste and flavor of the fish.
  • Completed units or large chunks of sturgeon lay skin side down
  • fish on the grate boiler, stick to cold water so that it is fully
  • plated fish, and gradually heated to boiling.
  • After boiling pot of water with the fish should be left on board, or other less
  • hot seat plate and then cook the fish (without boiling) until cooked.
  • Boiled fish broth is cooled to a temperature of 30 — 40 °, then it is removed,
  • remove the cartilage and wash with hot broth clumps of protein, highlight at the park.
  • Prepared fish sprinkled with fine salt, put on a sheet or
  • board and allowed to cool.
  • Use black sturgeon fishing for the preparation of cold, hot dishes and snacks.
  • Pripuskaniya fish.
  • Called stewed fish, cooked in a very small amount of water or
  • broth supplemented with aromatic vegetables, fresh white mushrooms, mushrooms,
  • I cucumber brine grape white wine; pripuskayut fish and closed
  • pot on the stove IPT in Ovens.
  • The process of heat treatment is the most common fish.
  • Pripuskayut fish in general form, links and portions — neplastovannymi
  • (kruglyashi) IPT chopped fillet with or without skin.
  • The whole form pripuskayut sturgeon, trout, whitefish, eel and others; links — fish
  • sturgeon; portions in the form of neplastovannom — flounder, halibut,
  • burbot, and most of the other fish — fillet portions.
  • Portion pieces of fish are placed in one row in a skillet or pan pas and links
  • sturgeon and whole fish — fish on the grate of the boiler, add salt and pepper,
  • and sometimes chopped onion, parsley, pour broth from cooked
  • fish food waste, or water (0.3 L per 1 kg of fish) served dish lid
  • pripuskayut and at the plate.
  • If the fish pripuskayut in Ovens, the surface is laid in a saucepan or
  • on a baking sheet covered with oiled paper fish to fish dries not
  • and drink for the crust was formed.
  • To improve the taste and flavor of the fish turned up in the cooking broth are added,
  • dry white wine or champagne (100 g per 1 kg of fish).
  • Fresh mushrooms (150 g per 1 kg of fish) IPT their broth.
  • The duration of the transmission portion pieces is 10 -15 minutes,
  • and units in whole sturgeon fish — 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the fish.
  • The broth obtained after passing the fish used for the sauce, mushrooms
  • used as a side dish to the sauce.
  • Putting fish.
  • Stewed fish often pre-fried. In addition, it is possible to extinguish
  • in cheese and stuffed form. Stewed fish portions with addition
  • the same products, with which the fish pripuskayut: aromatic vegetables, tomato -pyure,
  • fresh tomatoes, sweet peppers, as well as with sorrel.
  • In milk, onions and some other products.
  • The stew is expedient to prepare also small and salted fish, as
  • salted fish — a dry and rigid than fresh.
  • In the process of putting flesh salted fish is well softens and becomes juicy,
  • while the small fish with prolonged suppression of bone softened.
  • Frying fish with little fat.
  • In this way, use for frying portion pieces of fish and small fish:
  • saffron cod, smelt, carp, mackerel, roach, etc. n.
  • Fry the fish, previously sprinkled it with salt, pepper and breaded in wheat flour.
  • Products from cutlet weight well before frying paneer in breadcrumbs breaded white sludge.
  • To make the fish more delicate taste it before you can moisten the breading
  • cold milk.
  • In the pan or baking sheet with a well placed warmed fat prepared
  • fish and fry on a plate to form a crispy crust on both sides.
  • If portions of fish during the formation of the crust does not fry their
  • tied for 5 -7 minutes in broiler.
  • Fry the fish can be vegetable fat, hydrofat, ghee or vegetable oil.
  • From the best vegetable fat for frying the fish in this way are grazed
  • sunflower oil, olive oil and refined cottonseed and from various species
  • Margarine — vegetable fat and hydrofat.
  • You can use for frying fish and pork melted fat (lard).
  • Beef and mutton fat for frying the fish in this manner is not usually used,
  • since these fats are not in harmony with the taste of the fish.
  • The total duration of frying fish portion pieces 10 — 15 minutes.
  • Frying fish in a large quantity of oil (frying).
  • Fried fish fry basically, to cut into fillets with skin or skin bey
  • without the rib bones. The exception is the small fish (saffron cod, smelt,
  • anchovy, etc..), which are fried whole.
  • The fish before frying paneer with flour, dipped in egg and paneer in breadcrumbs or
  • in white breadcrumbs.
  • For frying, you can use vegetable oil (sunflower, cotton)
  • vegetable fat, hydrofat.
  • Best fat for frying fish in oil is a mixture of 60% and 40% hydrofat
  • vegetable oils, such as the fat 1ak when heated to a high temperature
  • It does not change its chemical composition, so that it is formed when frying
  • Chad and fried foods are more high quality.
  • The ratio of fat, while roasting it the product should not be
  • less than 2: 1; considered the best ratio of 4: 1.
  • Before frying fat is heated to a temperature of 170 -180 °.
  • The heated oil is lowered breaded fish and fry until golden brown.
  • Roasted fish quickly taken out of the frying, baking shift to dry
  • or frying pan and, if the fish did not reach the ready, put it in the broiler.
  • The fish is fried in deep fat from 3 to 5 minutes and in Ovens dozharivaetsya 5 — 7 minutes.
  • After three — four cooking with fat is sometimes required to filter through a metal
  • Sieve as breading charred particles left over from previous cooking operations,
  • detract from the appearance of fried fish.
  • Fry the fish is recommended immediately before the consumer.
  • Fry the fish on the grill.
  • On lattice fried fish portions, fillets cut from the skin and bones,
  • and small fish in general form. Pieces of sturgeon previously scalded.
  • Portions of pike-perch, flatfish, sturgeon and sturgeon before hot dipped
  • in the melted butter and paneer in white breadcrumbs.
  • Salmon, trout, white salmon, whitefish and herring can be fried fresh natural
  • (without breading), pre-marinated in a mixture of vegetable oils,
  • lemon juice, salt, pepper and parsley.
  • The fish kept in the marinade is not less than 30 minutes.
  • Before hot coals put on the grill and when it warms up,
  • rubbed pork fat, then put the fish into fry on both sides.
  • Big fish after roasting on the grill should dozharivat in Ovens.
  • Frying fish on a skewer.
  • On a spit roast predominantly sturgeon fish.
  • For this purpose the pieces of fish are stripped, washed, put on a metal skewer,
  • lubricated with sunflower or olive oil and roasted over coals on
  • flame or elektrogrile.
  • Baking fish.
  • Bake the fish raw, stewed and fried with a small amount of fat.
  • Raw fish baked in kind with potatoes.
  • Steamed fish baked under the breast with mushrooms and red sauces, with different
  • garnishes. An exception is the halophyte, which is not baked with sauce,
  • and with sauerkraut.
  • Fried fish baked with cream sauce, red mushrooms, etc..
  • For roasting fish use trays, pans, dishes and bowls.
  • Utensils must be completely filled with fish and a side dish, or when baking
  • moisture evaporates quickly, and the fish will be dry and tasteless.
  • Bake the fish in the cabinet oven at 250 — 280 ° C to education
  • golden brown.
  • If the insides of the fish are black film, it is necessary to remove it.
  1. Then wash in cold water fish.
  • split fish is cleaned of blood along the spine layer and rinsed.
  1. Especially carefully scraped and washed several times with the abdominal cavity marinka Osman, barbel, khramulya, eggs and innards of which are poisonous.
  • Fish broth should be salted at the beginning of cooking.
  • Boil the broth from heads of bream, carp, roach, carp, saffron cod,

Roach is not recommended — it turns bitter.

  • Large pieces of fish (500 g) should be put to cook

in cold water and small fish — in boiling.

  • Pike perch, carp and pike weighing 1.0 — 1.5 kg of boiled 50 — 60 minutes, and the chunks

100 -150 g for 15 to 20 min.

  • Fish, smelling slime (pike, tench, crucian carp), should be rinsed in cold strong

salt solution, then under running water then an unpleasant smell will disappear.

  • Fish species of marine or river, not having a very pleasant taste, cook

adding cucumber brine and a small amount or dill

fresh sweet pepper.

  • When decoction cod, flounder, catfish and pike to fight off the peculiar smell

these fish, it is recommended in addition to roots and onions add more per liter

water 100 g of cucumber brine.

  • suitable for cooking all species of fish, but herring, carp,

cisco, sabrefish, saffron cod and smelt boiled less tasty than fried.

  • If in the soup first put pickles or other products containing

acid, and then the potato, it does not seethe remain rigid.

Do not boil soft in the acidic environment of peas, beans and other legumes.

  • When the flavoring of various fish dishes with spices (pepper, bay leaf,

root) should take into account their strong influence on the taste of the dish.

Spices should not drown out the natural pleasant smell fish broth,

a particular flavor of a particular type of fish (except for some species of fish,

having enough attractive smell).

Excessive amounts of spices makes the flavor of any dish completely Fisheries

the same and quite stimulating appetite.

  • When cooking fish readiness is determined thrust into the sharpened twigs

the flesh of fish if it comes loose and at the injection site

It appears clear juice — the fish is ready. Digested fish greatly crumble.

  • Boiled fish served hot or cold.

Hot — with boiled or fried potatoes, at least — with vegetables, mushrooms or

crumbly buckwheat.

Cold — with vinaigrette, cabbage or potato salad.

You can add vinegar or horseradish sauce.

  • For cooking you can use the fish, containing not more than 5% of salt,

and for frying — not more than 3%.

  • This fish, like carp, saffron cod, smelt, should only fry.
  • If it is cut fried fish pieces no thicker than 3 cm.
  • Remove the skin from oily fish before frying should not be.

Many species of fish and more delicate taste better if they are fried in the skin.

  • For good roasting pan with a thick bottom, they are heated more evenly.

The pan should be well warmed up, pour the oil, and only after it

begins to boil and splash, lay the fish.

  • When roasting with a large amount of fat it needs to filter through

cheesecloth and drained into a clean container with a lid or stopper.

It will serve more than once.

  • Fried fish turns out tasty, if before roasting it to take in milk,

then roll in flour and fry in boiling oil.

  • fish that are going to fry remove the scales, gutted insides

(leave an air bubble, and if there is caviar — that improve the taste of the dish)

gills is desirable to remove the same — give bitterness.

Head left and scales — they make soup is rich and tasty.

  • Do fish that go on cooking soup remove the gills, entrails,

air bubbles are left.

  • Remember, parsley, dill, bay leaf discourage the taste of fish.

Therefore, they are added in small quantities.

  • To prepare the fish delicious and flavorful it should cook minimum

amount of water: 300 — 400 g per 1 kg of fish.

However, if you decide to cook your ear, then 1 kg of fish to take 2 liters of water.

  • To get rich broth a rich flavor and nutrients,

fish with cold water and slowly heated, its precut

into small pieces.

  • To fish during cooking retained its juiciness, it is immersed in boiling water,

over high heat, bring to a boil, and cook a little longer on low heat.

  • To fish during cooking does not fall apart, it is purified, washed and salted at least

30 minutes before put on fire.

  • If the water in which the fish is cooked, pour fresh milk disappears strong

the smell of the fish will taste better.

  • Fish is considered to be welded, if the fins are separated.
  • To when cooking or frying fish pieces do not lose shape, do

2 — 3 transverse incision.

  • There is a rule: when the fish is cooked, lower the spoon into the pot and stir

It can not be, otherwise the fish crumble.

  • To fish does not stick when cooking soup, the pot from time to time

turning a little — a little shaken — then all the pieces of larger fish remain intact.

  • When the fish is ready, remove it while it’s hot, prisalivaem and the pot

We are laying the third portion, and with it a little pepper.

It is useful to put the big fish swim bladders and ribbons of fat taken from

viscera, while the ear is very nourishing, Glitter fat the size of a nickel.

  • Do not worry if your ear overdone — peeled raw potato,

The situation in the broth, take an excess of salt, and reputation will not cook

undermined. A similar ability has sugar.

tips for cooking frech fish - photo
It will be possible to save the ear and when spilled inadvertently brings bile

bitterness in the ear. A piece of charcoal half the size of a matchbox

a quarter of an hour to make a miracle — will once again be an excellent broth.

Bon Appetit !

Cooking Frech Fish

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